Nestled into the rolling hills of Southern West Virginia, Blueberry Hill is the states
largest u-pick blueberry farm. With 15 acres of  Northern Highbush berry bushes
consisting of over 100 well manicured, grass lined plant rows, another 5 acres of
access roads and parking, rest rooms, shaded rest/picnic area, and some of the
freshest mountain air you can imagine, this family owned farm is entering its 29th
year of production.

The first plants were planted in the fall of 1989 with additional plantings added
through the years.  The gates opened to the public in 1993.  In the early years, berry
quantity exceeded the number of pickers but that has reversed the past ten years
with demand for high quality fresh produce outstripping the patches ability to keep
up.  New plantings were made in 2010 and 2011, adding Duke and Bluecrop
varieties of Northern Highbush plants to compliment the ripening schedule of the
three varieties already in use.

Blueberries are generally available for picking
from lat June, July, and early August.
Bring grandma and the kids and head on out to the country to pick those beautiful
“Blue Pearls of Summer”.

We will keep you informed here and on the Blueberry Hotline - 304 787-3930 with
daily updates during the picking season. You will hear a picking condition recording
during non business hours, and we are available to talk with you during business