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2017 Days &
We are not on
our regular
schedule yet.
(Always call or check
to coming to
farm to see if there
are ripe berries)

                Hello from West Virginia's Largest UPick Blueberry Farm
                                     Celebrating our 28th Season

                                                6/26/17 Thanks for visiting our web site.  

Thanks for checking in.  The cooler temperatures here on the mountain have stalled
the ripening process.  Consequently, after everything blue was picked on Saturday, not
enough berries have finished the ripening process to allow us to open Tuesday.  We are
optimistic that many will finish ripening over the next 3 days.  So......the next day we
will consider picking is Thursday.  We will survey the patch Wed. and post Thursday
picking times by noon Wed.  

(Keep in mind that while there is blue spread throughout the patch, when a berry turns
blue, it takes three to five days to develop it's full sweetness.  That's why we are giving
them a few more days.)

Fill the freezer time is not here yet but we are seeing signs that tell us its only a few
days off.

The patch is full of beautiful ripening blueberries.  It's looking like it could be a great
summer for blueberry lovers.  

As in past years, there are always lots of high quality berries to pick early in the
season.  The volume of those ripe, increases exponentially shortly after opening day.  
We have high hopes that after the patch kicks into high gear, we will be able to open
on our traditional Tues., Thurs., Saturday schedule.  

Those of you who have come to the farm for many years have become accustomed to
berries not ripening until the second week in July and continuing into the first week in
August.  Warmer winters and springs have moved everything forward by at least 2
weeks, both, season beginning (middle/late June) and ending (late July).

           We look forward to seeing you down on the farm this summer.
                                             jim & susie

PS.  A couple of customers have mentioned they have accessed inaccurate picking
day/time information about our farm from sites online.  Those are not our postings.
Please caution all your friends to only rely on our website or farm phone for accurate
information about the farm

                                 Next Picking Day Is:
Likely Thursday, June 29.
2017 Price
$2.25 lb.
(gallon weighs 6 lb.)

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