• Upick is just like it sounds;  you pick the berries you want and pay by the pound

  • We have loaner buckets or you can bring and pick in your own.  If you use ours, we
    have bags you can take berries home in.  If you use yours, we will weigh them empty
    and mark their weight on them so we don’t charge you for the bucket’s weight when
    you check out.

  • We have a handy-dandy portable toilet and fresh water to wash your hands.  We
    normally have cold drinks to sell at a reasonable price.

  • We believe upick farms are opportunities for great family outings, however, when you
    bring children to our farm, it is your responsibility to supervise them.  Throwing
    berries, playing tag or otherwise running through the patch disturbing other
    customers, breaking branches and knocking berries off the bushes is not permitted.  

  • Speaking of kids- they must be here to pick and under direct adult
    supervision at ALL times.  Please ask them to respect the farm, the plants, and
    other customers.  Our staff is directed to monitor the fields and politely ask you to
    watch your kids in case you forget.  If a friendly reminder doesn’t work, you will be
    asked to leave.

  • Most folks wear comfortable summertime clothing.  Since there are no briars long
    sleeves are not necessary.  One note on shoes.  Most upick farms recommend
    closed toed shoes to prevent getting jabbed by small sticks and twigs on the ground.  
    A lot of our customers wear sandals, flip flops, etc. and so far we haven’t heard
    anyone say they wish they hadn’t.  There definitely are a lot of small sticks and twigs.

  • During peak season (the middle two weeks) average pickers can pick a gallon in
    about 45 minutes.  The really fast pickers can do it in about half that time.  Early and
    late season takes a bit longer because the berries are not clustered as heavily.

  • While upickers at BH do save some money over store prices, from our experience
    that’s not why they come.  Year after year most of our loyal customers come to the
    farm to get the freshest, sweetest fruit available with the added benefit of great
    value.   Others tell us they come just to enjoy the peacefulness of the picturesque
    mountain landscape.

  • Sorry, but for hygiene reasons, pets are not permitted in the patch.

  • We accept cash and good checks.