• Pruning, weed control, mulching, and fertilizing are annual chores

  • Pruning is the most labor intensive part of the farms maintenance but without
    question, the most important.

  • The objective of pruning is to take off the oldest, least productive stems (basically,
    there should not be any stems left on the bush that are more than about 5 years

  • Most of the pruning is done while the plants are dormant (Nov – April)

  • It takes about 6 weeks each year to prune the patch.

  • Properly pruned bushes continue to produce for many years

  • Our oldest bushes are over 29 years old and still going strong

  • A band of sawdust mulch is applied along each row of bushes to conserve moisture,
    reduce root zone temperature fluctuations, and reduce weeds

  • Bushes are fertilized in April, May, June, and July. (About 2 tons total)

  • Weekly mowing of nearly 20 acres maintains the entire patch, patch perimeter,
    parking areas, and farm access roads at lawn height during picking season