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(Always call or check
to coming to
farm to see if there
are ripe berries)

9 PM

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e just completed our fourth week of the season.  As noted above, we will not be open this
coming Saturday.  
The patch has done a great job of pumping out ripe berries but is now
asking for a brief rest to ripen some more.  Considering that each picking day has
averaged over 300 gallons of berries picked, it's understandable that a couple of extra
ripening days are in order.  
So.......Next Tuesday is our next picking day.  We will look the patch over this weekend to
determine if Tuesday will be a full or half day of picking.  We'll let you know by 6 PM

If you still want some berries, better not wait too long.  We thought there might be another
couple of weeks of picking, but are not so sure now,  because the patch is ripening so
fast.  Next week we will pick Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday if there are enough ripe

Should we run short of ripe berries, we will be forced to close until more ripen.  That's why it's always
a good idea to call before you come to make sure there hasn't been a schedule change.

                                                  As we have for 29 seasons,
                       we look forward to seeing you down on the farm real soon.

                                       Jim, Susie, & the Entire Blueberry Hill Staff
                We will not be open
                  Saturday, July 21.
 Our next picking will be Tuesday July 24
.         2018 Price
         $2.25 lb.
   (gallon weighs 6 lb.)

Cash & good checks
accepted. Sorry, no credit
or debit cards.

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